How to Improve a Woman’s Feelings



Should you try to cheer her up?


Women are more sensitive than men and react to situations differently. You are undoubtedly aware of that. But did you realize that you are disregarding part of your woman’s wants if you don’t soothe her in any way? It’s true; she needs encouragement and compassion to feel loved. What’s worse is that if she doesn’t feel loved, your relationship will likely not feature a lot of sex because women need a loving connection before they engage in sex. The man should try to create good connection and try to make her feel special.

Since she wants you to just give it to her, she most likely won’t ask for consolation. She needs you to make her feel better without having to ask you, not because she is egotistical or vain. Women typically take care of others and give them all of their hugs, support, love, and sympathy. They act in this way because they believe it is crucial while expressing affection. Therefore, it stands to reason that they would also believe it is crucial for others to show them love in this way.


When She’s Furious At You


All you need to do to comfort your girlfriend when she is upset is to listen to her concerns and validate them. Please don’t simply leave without saying anything and don’t just sit there. To feel better, she has to express the ideas she has in her thoughts. Simply pay attention to her, then give her the sincere responses and, if she is open to hearing them, the solutions she seeks. Always implement any suggestions you give to help her feel better.

For instance (and this is kind of trivial), if she is upset that you never assist with the dishes, then be honest with her about why you don’t and then make a commitment to assist more frequently.

It’s harder to make up for fifty things that she is upset about than it is to just solve problems one at a time with a happy resolution. If you start making false promises to do things, then the next time she is angry, then she will be upset not only about that time, but the last one, the last one before that, and so on and so forth.


When She’s Furious With Another Person


Give her reasons why her feelings are justified after taking the time to hear her out and understand why she is upset. I firmly believe that unless it’s something that is hurting her and unproductive in her life, you should always support her side in disagreements if she feels passionately about it. I also believe that unless she is obviously hurting someone else, it is best to refrain from disagreeing. This lessens the stress of you not supporting her and helps her organize the facts in her thoughts. If she is acting foolishly, she will become aware of it on her own.

Take her side and explain why she has every right to be angry if she is furious with her best friend because she lied to her. Alternately, if she’s upset that the waitress took a minute longer than she promised, don’t support absurd conduct like this and don’t call her an idiot for stating what she did. Change the subject instead. One should focus to make her feel special through romantic techniques.

No matter what you do, you should never tell her she’s overreacting because you can end up causing an overreaction yourself! Women, as I’ve said, have strong emotions, and what could seem like an overreaction to you is probably just stress pouring out about something she cares deeply about. It’s how she lets everything out at once.

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